Gerard Viverito Catering uses only the freshest ingredients such as farm fresh produce, line caught and sustainable seafood, hormone and antibiotic free prime meats, free-range poultry, artisan breads, farmstead cheeses, as well as seasonal and organic tree and vine ripened fruits. Our foods are prepared the day of your event and certainly never frozen. In fact, most of the food created, is cooked and presented at the venue to ensure that it is as fresh as possible.

We respect and have a great passion for food and for those who produce it. We admire our clients that share this passion and like to express it in their catering choices. We never outsource any product or ingredient that we can make better ourselves.

Everything is made from scratch including our stocks for sauces. We select the finest wines to compliment and accompany the ingredients, as well as exceptional oils and vinegars made in their original tradition. Nothing is mass produced.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the foods we choose and our relationship with local farmers, fisherman and organically responsible professionals. It extends to you. It should not matter what the client spends; the menu will always be appropriate, tasteful and in budget. We listen to our clients needs and offer choices while always living up to the expectation of highest quality.

We our committed to the environment. We recycle all glass, plastic, paper and cardboard involved with an event and we avoid using any product made with excessive, hard to recycle materials such as styrofoam. We do not use disposable service ware at our events, but will use bamboo if necessary.

Gerard Viverito™ Catering brings the sophistication, comfort and confidence typically associated with fine dining to the realm of catering resulting in a new dining experience that is passionate, sensual and never stuffy. The exchange of ideas between us and you results in a shared vision that unfolds with passion and focus.

Can you just send me some sample menus and prices?

For our clients, there is no such thing as formulaic, cookie-cutter events. Each occasion is unique and directed by the client's individual dream. Menus are executed with your guidance and approval, and potential menus are only proposed after a discussion during which we learn about the foods you love and a little bit about your history. This way, we can bring the entire sensory experience into play, which is is a key part of our philosophy.

Some of the planet's most enticing food comes from our region, and Gerard Viverito Catering proudly ushers these flavors into its dishes such as artisan cheeses from local farmers, wines from our Hudson Valley vineyards, and line-caught fish. We can combine any of our local products with the cuisine style of your choice.

Where are the menus? Did I miss them?
Each client has individual tastes and deserves a unique menu to satisfy their standards. Chef Gerard offers personal menu design in order to reflect your catering desires. The sky is the limit. Each of our events are truly "tailored to you." We want to take the time to meet you, find out what you love, when and where your event will be, and the overall atmosphere you want it to have, and any budgetary considerations.

Service & Drop Off catering including:

Full Event Design, Planning and Execution
AV/ Lighting
Event Management
Logistics and Timelines
CAD Drawings of Event Site
Valet Parking
Graphic Design

What is covered in the proposal?
Four categories are addressed: food, beverage, staffing and rentals. Time will also be taken to line-item decor, entertainment, valet etc., if requested. Once you have had the opportunity to review this initial draft, the next step will be for you to share any and all feedback for the purpose of needed alterations.

Can you come to the venue where we are being married?
Each venue is different, and some do in fact require that you use their banquet services. We will gladly go where we are able to!