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Gerard Viverito Catering uses only the freshest ingredients such as farm fresh produce, line caught and sustainable seafood, hormone and antibiotic free prime meats, free-range poultry, artisan breads, farmstead cheeses, as well as seasonal and organic tree and vine-ripened fruits. Our foods are prepared the day of your event and certainly never frozen.

Sustainable Seafood

To get the freshest fish, you need to work directly with the fisherman. Hudson Valley Fish Mongers can provide you with seafood that is days fresher than the fish at the local markets. Plus, you are supporting the men and women catching or raising the fish. More information here


We work with a number of companies developing new and innovative food and wellness products as well as showcasing them in trade shows, television, print, and radio media. Whether you need help designing a kitchen, a restaurant menu, a food booth, or a new food line, contact us and we would be happy to develop the product from inception to launch. What can we do for you?