Study points to the truth about saturated fats and heart health

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Here’s news that will hopefully change how doctors define a heart-healthy diet. You may believe that cutting back on saturated fats is doing something good for your ticker. But after carefully monitoring the diets of 577 healthy adults, and evaluating them for multiple heart disease risk factors, researchers in Malaysia concluded something remarkable: restricting carbs […]

Believing in Balance

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  Chef educates bloggers about sustainable ingredients such as palm oil Like many chefs, Gerard Viverito is passionate about preparing food with only the highest quality ingredients. What sets him apart, however, is his unending drive to share his passion for healthy and good-for-the-planet foods with others. In addition to making regular TV and radio […]

Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide

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Your hour-by-hour, guilt-free Thanksgiving Day survival guide Here’s a 10-point game plan for having a healthier, less stressful holiday Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Your mouth may be already watering at the thought of savory casseroles, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. It’s time to figure out your game plan to get through the […]

Shopping Cart Makeovers

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Shoppers told to replace those hydrogenated oils with a healthier oil If you care one iota about your health, you need to read the product labels of the foods you’re placing in your shopping cart. On The Daily Meal video blog, I explained that many products which appear healthy actually contain hydrogenated oils. This major […]