My surprising new passion and why it matters

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Over the last year or so, I’ve been connecting more and more with a community teeming with influential and amazingly well-versed experts. This group has motivated me to develop thoughtful recipes and speak out for what I believe in, even if it isn’t the most popular opinion.  As a professional chef and credentialed instructor, you might think I’m talking about a culinary association or perhaps my students. But you’d be wrong. My new passion is connecting with lifestyle bloggers, especially those who focus on feeding their families wholesome and sustainable meals.

These women and men are inspiring. They put their all into providing smart, thoughtful information for their communities. When I did a healthy home cooking demonstration at a New York City blogger event in April, I was blown away by the questions this group asked. For example, when I was discussing sustainable and nutritious cooking oils, they wanted to know about the health benefits of Malaysian palm oil as well as why it’s more sustainable than other oils. They requested recipes and asked me to collaborate with them on creating new recipes that would resonate with their communities.

These are a few of the recipes that were inspired by this group.

A few months later I was in Boston working with another group of bloggers. In addition to sharing more great recipes, such as this Tuscan kale salad with honey-lemon dressing and classic lemon curd with meringue, I was interviewed by a few bloggers. The result was blogs such as this one, posted on Believe in Balance, where I explained where my love for quality food came from and why we need to care deeply about our food’s origin.   

Working with this group helps me magnify my message that healthy, sustainable foods are possible, for every family. Look for me working more with this group in the future. And if you’re a blogger or influencer, let’s connect. I’d love to collaborate with you.